Amongst the Mangroves

“The land is a special place. It’s provided for and kept our families alive for so long. The secrets that the resources hold here… there’s things that people just walk past everyday”

Into the Sunshine is a series of short films directed by filmmaker Matt Raimondo that will take you into the lives of some remarkable Queenslanders, showcasing their powerful connection to the environment.

In this episode, Linc Walker takes us to a place full of secrets and wonder that sustained his Kuku Yalanji ancestors for generations – Cooya Beach and the mangroves of Tropical North Queensland.

For Linc, Cooya Beach is a place of discovery, strength and tradition. A fishing beach, it has been the source of not just food but also medicine for hundreds of years, deriving traditional remedies from the flora and fauna hidden amongst the mangroves. The Kuku Yalanji way of life is one of hunting, gathering and caring for land through regeneration.

Kuku Yalanji Cultural Habitat Tour

Linc’s adherence to the traditions of the Kuku Yalanji is rooted deeply in his connection with the land and family. The knowledge he has of the beach and the mangroves has been passed down from one generation to the next and in Linc’s eyes, it’s his responsibility to make sure that knowledge is kept alive and passed on to the next generation.

“Culture is at the core of our wellbeing, our community, our future and our land,” says Linc. “Our culture is ancient and we want and need it to remain strong and relevant, to travel with us into the twenty-first century.”

Visitors to Cooya Beach are given a rare insight into the Kuku Yalanji way of life as Linc, along with his brother Brandon, offer a range of personal tours to share their knowledge of the area and their culture. The tours cover Cooya Beach, the National Parks surrounding Port Douglas, the Mossman Gorge, Daintree River and Bloomfield Falls. They also offer cultural educational presentations for school groups, and overnight camping trips.

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