Reef Warriors | Peter Gash

In a world of tourism that strives to be bigger, bolder and more luxurious, there is one man that stands to make a difference – ecological crusader, wildlife warrior and co-owner of the Great Barrier Reef’s Lady Elliot Island, Peter Gash.

Since securing the lease on Lady Elliot Island and its 150-bed Eco Resort in 2005, Peter Gash has transformed this small Queensland island paradise into a shining example of ecological tourism practices at its best.

A former mine site, Lady Elliot is the first island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef to ban the sale of plastic water bottles, it is powered by a Hybrid Solar Power Station and it has no high rise buildings. Lady Elliot is an inspiration.
For Peter Gash, the Great Barrier Reef is far more important to the whole planet than anyone realises. “It’s telling us something. It’s saying, you look after me and you’ll look after the rest of the planet.”

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