Matt Raimondo is a Queensland based director and cinematographer known for his unique ability to craft works that move audiences through compelling stories & stunning imagery. He surrounds himself with the incredible, inspirational environment, and thrives off crafting innovative and award-winning stories for tourism, adventure and nature productions.

Matt received awards at the 2017 and 2018 Brisbane Advertising & Design Awards (BADC) with 2 Bronze medals for cinematography and a finalist for the direction of several works. His films have also won numerous international tourism and travel awards including 2 category winners of the 2017 Istanbul International Tourism Film Festival and an official selection of the Wasatch Mountain Film festival 2017.

Selected Works

Don’t dare try to get inside Matt Raimondo’s mind. It’s on a different speed. It’s slower. Connected. Brilliantly hued and forever dreamy. It’s the mind of a storyteller. You don’t have to understand where that comes from. You just have to trust that at some point after you finish briefing him, Matt will seize upon a concept, splice apart a moment of a lifetime and then rebuild an idea into a beautiful crafted story supported by epic visuals. As if that isn’t enough, Matt is also a thoroughly delightful person to work with and shows great patience and flexibility, particularly when dealing with multiple stakeholders.

Shelley WinkelGlobal Publicity Manager, Eastern Markets Tourism and Events Queensland

Throughout initial discussions I found Matt to be prompt, personable and
professional but it wasn’t until I met him face to face at the airport that I started
to understand him. Matt is unlike any filmmaker I have ever worked with. He
is very calm yet wickedly fun to work with, he gets the job done with a minimum
of fuss and he understands the importance of storytelling.

Lauren BathDirector Lauren Bath Services and Australia’s first professional instagrammer