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In just a few words, a beautiful soundtrack and the most glorious footage Matt has perfectly captured why we need to do everything we can for our Great Barrier Reef, which, despite all its suffering is still paradise on Earth. Thank you Matt and your team, for nailing our mission so beautifully in just under two minutes.

Ingrid NeilsonCommunications Manager, Australian Marine Conservation Society

You just have to trust that at some point after you finish briefing him, Matt will seize upon a concept, splice apart a moment of a lifetime and then rebuild an idea into a beautiful crafted story supported by epic visuals.

Shelley WinkelTourism & Events Queensland

Matt is unlike any filmmaker I have ever worked with. He is very calm yet wickedly fun to work with, he gets the job done with a minimum of fuss and he understands the importance of storytelling.

Lauren BathThe Travel Bootcamp