Director’s Showreel 2020

About Matt Raimondo

Somewhere between watching clouds caress the mighty Mt. Everest in Nepal and experiencing Africa’s fascinating flora and fauna, Matt had a revelation; he would spend the rest of his life documenting mother nature’s spectacularly varied landscape and the creatures that live in it. The Australian’s journeys from Asia to Europe and beyond, also helped him cultivate a spiritual bond with nature – a connection he deems profoundly personal and one that cannot be replicated. This mystical interpretation of our environment lends a uniquely whimsical quality to Matt’s films where the natural and human-made worlds seem to merge harmoniously.

Through his work, the director and cinematographer strives to create a narrative of our world that is colourful, abundant and yet is tinged with a sense of longing. Matt’s unique storytelling ability has invited tourism and adventure brands from across the world to collaborate and create award-winning short films. His current clientele includes Tourism & Events Queensland, Australian Marine Conservation, Olympus, and Clif Bar. He has also worked on international campaigns – in Norway, Spain, Hawaii, and Asia – for clients like Student Flights, Top Deck Travel, Olympus, and Qantas.

Other than commercial endeavours, Matt has frequently donned the hat of a conservationist, creating videos articulating threats to the Great Barrier Reef and the consequent dwindling of marine wildlife. Nature is Matt’s enduring muse, and he has further used it to explore the divine relationship between Australia’s Indigenous tribes and the country’s unique landscapes in works like Quandamooka Country.

In 2020 Matt founded GoodFolk Films, a purpose-driven film production company born out of the desire to use the power of storytelling for good. Matt hopes to continue creating a repertoire of exciting and inspiring works that not only investigates our complicated relationship with nature but also allows us to celebrate the same.