Matt Raimondo is an Australian director and cinematographer known for his unique ability to craft works that move audiences through compelling stories & stunning imagery. He surrounds himself with the incredible, inspirational environment, and thrives off crafting innovative and award-winning stories for tourism, adventure and nature productions.

Matt is well known for his work with Tourism Queensland where he has delivered many award-winning productions over the years. He has also worked on campaigns all across the globe from Norway to Spain, Hawaii and Asia with clients like; Student Flights, Top Deck Travel, Olympus, Qantas, Queensland National Parks, and Tourism Tasmania.

Matt received awards at the 2017 and 2018 Brisbane Advertising & Design Awards (BADC) with 2 Bronze medals for cinematography and a finalist for the direction of several works. His films have also won numerous international tourism and travel awards including 2 category winners of the 2017 Istanbul International Tourism Film Festival and an official selection of the Wasatch Mountain Film festival 2017.

Matt is based in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, working worldwide.