“Fight for our Reef”

The brief:
Create a short film that convinces people that the Great Barrier Reef is still worth fighting for.

Our beautiful Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems – home to turtles, corals, sharks, whales and an immense colony of little creatures that make the coral reef a fascinating place to explore.

Now the reality is that its future is threatened by new coal mines, carbon pollution and creeping industrialisation, that accelerate global warming and affect the GBR.

But our Great Barrier Reef is still great and it is still worth preserving. While massive coral bleaching occurs in some areas, there are others that are striving and with enough love, care, vision and commitment it can get better.

Creative Direction, Words & Edit: Matt Raimondo
Underwater Cinematography: Julia Sumerling
Land & Aerial Cinematography: Matt Raimondo
Production Company: GoodFolk Films

Learn more at fightforourreef.org.au

GOLD QLD ACS Ron & Valerie Taylor Wildlife & Nature Award

In just a few words, a beautiful soundtrack and the most glorious footage Matt has perfectly captured why we need to do everything we can for our Great Barrier Reef, which, despite all its suffering is still paradise on Earth. Thank you Matt and your team, for nailing our mission so beautifully in just under two minutes.

Ingrid NeilsonCommunications Manager, Australian Marine Conservation Society

Thank you so much for this uplifting and heartwarming video. We need to be reminded of what we still have and how precious it is. I hope this can make it to the folks who have the ability to make the changes needed to put nature first instead of the “economy” and “jobs”. What is the use of those things if we don’t have a healthy planet and environment.

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